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The lawn is one of the best fabrics to wear in summer. This is why it is the most worn fabric by Pakistani women. Every year, all lawn brands and their designers introduce their latest lawn collections as soon as the first sign of spring start to show. Just like every other year, the brands have already introduced their lawn collection 2022 from the first week of March. However, a lawn is the type of fabric you can wear all year round. Pakistani lawn suits feature a large array of hues, ranging from light tones and pastels to deep as well as dark hues. For this good reason, you can buy Pakistani lawn suits online from our Salai Karai store.              

The summer lawn collection will be featuring lawn shirts, two-piece, and three-piece lawn dresses both in stitch as well as unstitched verities. The gorgeous colors of lawn suits, the beautiful floral prints, and the appealing embroidery on them make them ideal for any lawn wearer. Printed lawn dresses with printed lawn dupattas are a great match for casual wear. Whereas you can buy fancy lawn dresses in silk, net, chiffon, or net dupattas for party wear or for occasions like Eid.

Different Types Of Lawn Suits In Pakistan

  1. 2 Pieces Lawn Dresses

Two-piece Pakistani lawn dresses usually include a kameez and a shalwar. But it can be a combination of any kind of top and bottom. If you are looking for a casual yet modish look while sticking to your casual roots, then a simple two-piece lawn dress is the perfect outfit. It is for an everyday casual look or any kind of informal occasion. This dress is often a go-to ensemble for most Pakistani women due to the soft, summery colors and lightness of the fabric. 

  1. 3 Pieces Lawn Dresses

A three-piece lawn dress is a combination of an ethnic top, bottom, and dupatta. The top is usually a kameez, ladies’ kurti, frock, or angrakha. While the bottom is a pair of shalwar, trousers, cigarette pants, or Dhaka pants. This dress in Pakistan is ideal for a laid-back embroidery look. With the right beadwork and embroidery, it is perfect for a formal event too. Retail brands like Alkaram, Khaadi and Nishat Linen usually sell three-piece lawn dresses in unstitched form. While you can find stitched three-piece Pakistani lawn suits online at Almirah or Zeen in a perfect combination of modern and ethnic.

  1. Printed Lawn Dresses

Printed lawn dresses in Pakistan are the perfect representation of fashion that is modern and ethnic at the same time. The target audience for printed lawn dresses is often young women since the style is more casual and modish. These dresses are the perfect outfit for a little formal event at which you are going for a feminine and younger look. Retail brands like Saya, Khaadi, Almirah, Breeze, and Sana Safinaz are the best one-stop shop to buy Pakistani lawn suits online.  They offer trendy colors, unique designs, and high-quality lawns in their latest collections for the season.

  1. Embroidered Lawn Dresses

Embroidered lawn dresses are the most worn apparel by Pakistani women. This ensemble is rich with culture as it is adorned with intricate embroidery to showcase the ethnic roots of the wearer. It is also simple and casual enough for everyday wear. The lightness of the fabric makes lawn dresses the most sought-after clothing by women because of the hot weather of Pakistan. There is not any brand in Pakistan that does not sell its own best version of embroidered lawn dresses for women. Maria B, Rizwan Beyg, Jazmin, and Sana Safinaz are just a few honorable brands. 

Women’s Most Favourite Summer Wear Fabric In Pakistan

We all know how harsh and unbearable the summers of Pakistan can be. The scorching sun, heatwave, combined with a power outage can make anyone insane in seconds. However, we have found a way to keep ourselves cool and comfortable in the merciless Pakistani summer. The lawn is indeed the most desired fabric by women in Pakistan for all the right reasons. The lawn fabric is manufactured from fine cotton yarn known for its airy and breathable nature. This fabric absorbs color beautifully and can be styled in various ways. This fabric is not only airy but quite lightweight as well. 

Pakistani Lawn Dresses For All Year Round

The lawn is one of the best fabrics to wear during the summer and spring seasons. Since the fabric is lightweight and breathable, it is perfect for the scorching hot summers of Pakistan with high humidity levels. It is also one of the extensively produced fabrics in Pakistan that is always high in demand. Most brands launch wide lawn ranges during the summer and spring seasons, which are designed for casual wear as well as semi-formal wear. You can easily buy Pakistan lawn suites online in USA from a high street brand at an affordable price.

Buy Pakistani Lawn Suits Online In USA

Pakistani brands are known for their ethnic prints and unique designs that keep the nation mesmerized every season. Each latest collection is rich with color, culture, and heritage, and that is what makes Pakistani fashion special. Due to the exhilarating market demand, many indie brands are jumping into the lawn apparel industry with their collections. So, this is what helps you choose the best provider. There are many top brands and their latest lawn collections, from which you can buy Pakistani lawn suits online in USA.  

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