Explore Top Brands And Buy Latest Pakistani Dresses Online In USA

All women are notorious for their chic personalities and are fascinated with the latest cultural and traditional clothing available on the market. Fortunately, most Pakistani women draw toward the array of homegrown talented designers that Pakistan has to Offer. The creativity and talent of these designers are what make our clothes so highly sought after worldwide. Surprisingly, you can browse through our collection of thousands of items and buy Pakistani clothes online in USA from our store.    

Moreover, Pakistani brands are known for their vibrant colors, classical cuts, and detailed work with a touch of modern tailoring and details. Within the last decade, we have seen a drastic increase in the number of up-and-coming Pakistani fashion houses. So, this leaves us with a saturated market and luckily for us, spoilt for choice.

Why Choose Salai Karai To Buy Pakistani Clothes Online In USA

Salai Karai is a home for all your fashion needs with every season’s perfect design wear available at our online store. There are many new designs that come out every few months, and the market itself always evolves. So, it is crucial for us to keep up with trends. If you are looking for elegant and unique Pakistani women’s clothes online in USA, then you have come to the right place. At SalaiKarai, we have unique clothing from Pakistani designers.

The best part is that our brand collection includes more than just hand-picked designs. From daily to festive wear, we ensure everyone can find something that perfectly matches their style. If you need a special outfit for an upcoming family party or wedding, or even something casual, then look no further because here, you can easily buy designer Pakistani clothes online in USA from our store.       

Explore Top Brands We Strive To Offer

From complete bridal outfits to party wear dresses, we have them all at affordable prices with quality materials from the best brand in Pakistan. You can easily buy latest Pakistani dresses online in USA from us, so you can be sure that quality is guaranteed. Brands such as Elan, Maria B, and Sana Safinaz are displaying the latest designs, cuts, and fabrics to keep up with trends in the marketplace. They also ensure that you are always updated on what’s current so you can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your closet. Below, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular Pakistani clothing brands we strive to offer and for which fashionistas should keep an eye out.

Maria B

Maria B is indeed one of the most popular designers in Pakistan for the past 3 decades. She offers a wide range of kids’ and women’s clothing. Since her launch in 1999, every season, Maria B has dominated the scene with excellent-selling releases. Yearly, each summer, Maria B’s lawn offering remains a leading seller, and people adore her signature designs all over the world.

Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz is a popular Pakistani brand. The two founders, Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer, are proud to distinguish the brand as being the country’s only premier luxury retailer that offers elegant ready-to-wear and fabrics. They are tastefully printed and embroidered along with avant-garde silhouettes to suit modern women.    

They are renowned for offering quality women’s clothing. Over the years, their dresses have been outstanding and very popular across the world. Sana Safinaz is especially popular for its eagerly anticipated annual silk and lawn releases which are almost guaranteed to sell out on pre-order before making a chance to hit the shelves.  

Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa is well-known to have a modern take on traditional clothing. His unstitched collection is extensively demanded among the Pakistani audience due to its close attention to detail and ethereal vibe. 

Asim Jofa’s limited edition chiffon collection features elegant pastel apparel with thread and zari embroideries on organza fabric. His festive collections are inspired by ethereal grace and charm accentuated with eye-catching hues. Now, you can gladly buy latest women’s Pakistani dresses from Asif Jofa’s collection at SalaiKarai.com. 


Elan is the most sought-after luxury Pakistani clothing brand. It offers different designs, and rather than following the fashion every year, Elan sets the trend and almost leads the direction of fashion for the coming year. This design house offers the most extensive range of clothing for anyone. From nonsense essential everyday wear to outstanding and exquisite couture bridals, you will find an outfit to suit almost every occasion. Also, the Elan eid collections seem to be more popular every year. 


Mushq is one of the Pakistani brands which has gained popularity over the last 2 years. Purveyors of distinguished formal clothing, the “velvet”, “Trousseau De Luxe”, and “luxury formal” collections, were considered the most sought-after and sophisticated releases of last year.       

Mushq also has the tendency to design a range of clothes geared towards the more flamboyant dresser, which makes it a distinct and contemporary brand.  

Wrapping Up:

The fashion industry in Pakistan is rapidly emerging. People throughout the world are coming to admire the embroidered styles and intricate details of Pakistani clothing. Even other countries are starting to get inspiration from it. However, if you are looking for dresses that are unique and not run-of-the-mill, we suggest you buy Pakistani dresses online in USA at SalaiKarai.com and get them delivered to your doorstep.  

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