Celebrities Inspired Look From Asim Jofa New Collection

At Asim Jofa, fashion enthusiasts can enjoy a grand selection of ensembles, including semi-formal wear, luxury wear, party wear dresses, fancy dresses, and a Pakistani bridal dress collection. With size-inclusive ranges from small to large, everyone can find their perfect dress here.

Asim Jofa’s online store offers customized stitching for a luxurious and fashionable shopping experience. With this option, you can stitch your outfit just like the model. Asim Jofa delivers to remote shoppers worldwide.

The outstanding extravagance, rich embroideries, dazzling embellishments, and beautiful color selections of Asim Jofa dresses are exactly what Pakistani women desire.

With the holidays rapidly approaching, many of us scramble to find the perfect outfit for any upcoming wedding. Asim Jofa’s latest collection features a range of fashionable and elegant outfits that will suffice for any event. The celebrity edit specifically contains numerous gorgeous garments you won’t want to miss.

Asim Jofa is a fashion brand that always produces beautifully crafted ensembles. Its upcoming collection is sure to make women swoon.

The Minal Khan Edition

A timeless white ensemble should be a staple in every formal wardrobe. The classic contrast of black and white, with intricate threadwork and delicate cutwork, is perfect for any upcoming event. However, I love how Minal Khan kept it minimal yet classy by pairing it with black block heels.

This stylish outfit from Asim Jofa is perfect for showing off your creative side. The wide ivory stripes on the karanji organza base are accented with black embroidery on the neckline and hemline. The outfit is completed with a karandi dupatta that provides a more polished look.

You can wear this outfit to various events, whether a formal dinner with your family or an eid away. Asim Jofa always designs versatile and fashion-forward collections, so you’re sure to look stylish and elegant no matter how you style it.

Fabric care: It’s important to follow the care instructions provided with the outfit to ensure its longevity. Delicate fabrics like organza and karandi may require special care, such as gentle handwashing or dry cleaning. Always check the label or consult with a professional to maintain the fabric’s quality.

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The Iqra Aziz Edition

If you’re keeping up with the latest fashion trends, you’ll know that black is no longer an inappropriate color for formal events and weddings. In 2022, a black embroidered outfit is a must-have for any fashionable wedding collection.

Iqra Aziz looks beautiful in this traditional outfit by Asim Jofa. This stunning collection is available both stitched and unstitched, giving you the freedom to choose what you like. Unstitched suits can be tailored according to your style and preferences. The colorful threadwork goes perfectly with a black outfit.

Asim Jofa’s shirt is fully embroidered and has a heavy neckline and hem, which come together to make a grand outfit. He paired it with a chiffon dupatta to make it look more graceful.

Iqra Aziz always looks amazing, no matter what color she wears. She can wear bold colors and pastels with equal grace and elegance. I love how her outfits feature long shirts that give a regal look.

The upcoming Asim Jofa Iqra Edit collection comprises all smooth, chic pieces that elevate any formal outfit. Jacquard fabric adorned with banners sequins and a heavy long neckline is elevated by dyed cotton silk trousers.

To complete the look, pair the outfit with an embroidered chiffon dupatta. If you feel something is missing, add a formal touch with a pair of earrings. The Asim Jofa Collection is beautiful and uniquely perfect for formal occasions.

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Asim Jofa Saree Collection

Asim Jofa is a prominent Pakistani fashion designer known for his exquisite designs and attention to detail. His pre stitched saree USA collections are highly sought after, combining traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics. Here is a glimpse into Asim Jofa’s saree collection:

  • Intricate Embroidery: Asim Jofa’s saree collection often features intricate embroidery, showcasing the designer’s expertise in craftsmanship. The embroidery motifs range from delicate floral patterns to geometric designs, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the sarees.
  • Luxurious Fabrics: Asim Jofa selects high-quality fabrics for his saree collection, ensuring a luxurious feel and impeccable drape. You can expect to find sarees crafted from rich fabrics such as silk, chiffon dresses Pakistani, organza, and georgette, offering a beautiful flow and movement.
  • Playful Colors: Asim Jofa experiments with a wide range of colors in his saree collection, from soft pastels to bold and vibrant hues. Whether you prefer subtle shades for a more understated look or want to make a statement with bold and eye-catching colors, you can find a variety of options in his collection.
  • Contemporary Touches: While rooted in tradition, Asim Jofa’s saree collection also incorporates contemporary elements, making it appealing to modern fashion enthusiasts. You may find interesting design elements like asymmetrical drapes, innovative blouse patterns, or unique embellishments that add a contemporary twist to the traditional garment. Its a choice of attire for some when it comes to modern Pakistani bridal dresses.

Maria B Saree Collection

Maria B is a renowned Pakistani clothes fashion designer known for her versatility and ability to create stunning designs that cater to various tastes. Her saree collection reflects her signature style and attention to detail. Here are some highlights of Maria B’s saree collection:

  • Regal Elegance: Maria B’s sarees exude a regal and opulent feel, often featuring intricate embellishments and rich fabrics. The collection showcases traditional craftsmanship techniques like zardozi, gota work, and sequin detailing, creating sarees that are fit for grand occasions and celebrations.
  • Fusion of Colors: Maria B saree collection embraces a wide color palette, blending traditional and contemporary shades. You can find sarees in vibrant jewel tones, soft pastels, and classic neutrals, catering to different preferences and complementing various skin tones.
  • Luxurious Fabrics and Drapes: Maria B pays careful attention to fabric selection, offering sarees in fabrics like silk, chiffon, georgette, and organza. These fabrics are chosen for their luxurious texture and ability to create graceful drapes, enhancing the overall look and feel of the sarees.

Unique Design Elements: Maria B’s saree collection often incorporates unique design elements to make each piece stand out. This may include intricate borders, contrasting blouse patterns, tassels, or modern interpretations of traditional motifs, giving her sarees a distinct and modern appeal.

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  • Asim Jofa Luxury Lawn Suit Latest Collection 2022

    Original price was: $70.00.Current price is: $50.00.
  • Asim Jofa Luxury Lawn Suit Latest Collection 2023

    Original price was: $70.00.Current price is: $50.00.



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