Asim Jofa AJVF 08 Chiffon Collection 2023


  • 4 meter embroidered border for chaak & front back daaman on velvet
  • 2 embroidered bunches for sleeves on velvet
  • 30” embroidered border for sleeve hem on velvet
  • 1 embroidered neckline (in 2 parts) on organza
  • 60” all over embroidered front back with border on chiffon
  • 1.5 meter embroidered border for daaman on organza
  • Embroidered sleeves on chiffon
  • 2.5 meter embroidered chiffon dupatta with 4 sided border
  • 1.5 meter dyed wide width cotton silk for trouser
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Size Chart
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Asim Jofa AJVF 08

Step into a realm of timeless elegance with the enchanting olive-green ensemble, a true masterpiece from Asim Jofa’s distinguished “Velvet Festive Collection.” This ensemble is a celebration of sophistication, adorned with a resplendent bronze-hued dupatta that elevates its allure to unparalleled heights. The fabric itself whispers a tale of opulence, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship of intricate antique gold and Indian gold zariwork embroidery. Adding an extra layer of charm, dual sequins in 7mm and 3mm sizes shimmer in captivating bronze hues, creating a play of light that mesmerizes the beholder.

The Asim Jofa AJVF 08 motifs woven into this ensemble are reminiscent of the refined artistry found in Tanjore painting—a true testament to the fusion of tradition and contemporary elegance. Threads in shades of light and dark rust, maroon, and green come together in a symphony of colors, weaving a vivid tapestry of creativity that tells a unique and compelling story.

The rust-colored velvet adorning the chalk of the shirt, the daman, sleeves, and bunches add a regal touch, casting a majestic spell that captures the essence of opulence. The juxtaposition of the velvet against the olive-green canvas creates a striking contrast, reminiscent of a dream delicately painted on a velvet canvas a surreal masterpiece in motion.

This ensemble transcends the boundaries of mere clothing; it is a wearable work of art that invites you to immerse yourself in a world where every stitch, every thread, and every detail tells a story of beauty, creativity, and timeless grandeur. Embrace the allure of this creation and step into a realm where fashion becomes a canvas for the expression of pure elegance.

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